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Buffs are made from very light pastry made with egg.

These French cream puffs are prepared with dough and look like mini-cabbages.

The enriched tastes come with handmade fillings, of which we have a big selection.

Our Cream Puff Choux is decorated with sharp lime- flavored ultra smooth cream and handmade chocolate leaf or fresh berry.

Buffs are served as dessert.

Puff taste options

blueberry, chocolate, passion-fruit, raspberry


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Dough: whole milk, salt, sugar, butter, wheat flour, egg, cacao butter.

Blueberry: Blueberry puree (90%), butter, sugar, egg, cornstarch.
Passionfruit: Passionfruit puree (90%), egg, sugar, double cream (35%), cream cheese, gelatin.
Chocolate: whole milk, sugar, egg, cornstarch, vanilla, butter, cocoa, chocolate, double cream (35%).
Raspberry: raspberry puree (90%), sugar, egg, cornflour, butter.