We-Fr: 14-18, Sa 12-15 | Tilkankatu 7, Helsinki |

On this 4 hour course, you will learn everything about ingredients and work techniques.

After a course you know how to:

– make  Italian and French meringue

– you know all the macaron right ingredients

– you have practised right techniques and work tricks and tips

– you  know how to make 5 different fillings

– in the end, together with Chef Olga Kaju you can value right texture and taste.

This 4 h course includes all the knowledge, printed recipes, ingredients, and baked macarons will be shared by all the participants.

Coffee break with a light snack is included.

The course is held in easy English adn translated to Finnish.

Important: When making purchase choose *pick up from bakery .

After purchase, you will get confirmation letter, which guarantees a place for a course. Course money is not refundable, except when the course is not held by the host.

Macaron course


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