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Every part of our eclairs is handmade- the dough, the piping, fillings and all decorations.

Eclairs are made from very light pastry made with egg.  Gleaming glaze on top and soft interior with sweet cream center.

In our selection, we have various taste options – vanilla, pistachio strawberry, raspberry cherry with sweet almond- you choose!

Our eclairs are easy to take as take away and eat them on the go.

Eclair taste options

hazelnut praline, passionfruit, strawberry pistachio, vanilla


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choux pastry: milk, salt, sugar, butter, wheat flour, egg, cacao butter.
vanilla – natural vanilla paste, double cream, glucose, white chocolate 35% ( milk, soya), rice starch, eggs, sugar, corn starch, butter, pecan nuts, gelatin.
passionfruit -passionfruit puree 90%, glucose, eggs, sugar, almond paste, butter, lemon juice, gelatin, raspberries, raspberry jelly. strawberry
pistachio – pistachio paste 99%, grapeseed oil, gelatin, double cream, white chocolate 35% ( milk, soya), strawberry puree (90%), lime puree, sugar, pectin, orange, fresh strawberries, fresh mint leaves.
raspberry cherry sugared almond - milk, double cream (35%), white chocolate 35% (milk, soya), glucose, red food color, sugar, pectin, raspberry puree (90%), cherry puree (90%), almond, raspberries.
caramel peanut – double cream (35%), sugar, butter, mascarpone cheese, glucose, peanuts, milk chocolate 33% ( milk, soya).
hazelnut praline – hazelnuts, sugar, whole milk, eggs, corn starch, butter, craquelin ( butter, sugar, whole flour).
chocolate crunch – milk chocolate, whole milk, double cream (35%), eggs, sugar, cornstarch, butter, gelatin, glucose, white chocolate 35% ( milk, soya).