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This is a milk chocolate mousse cake, prepared as a soft dessert by incorporating air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture.

Our Blue has a blueberry jam and blueberry mousse, where exotic tonka bean gives a hidden taste of vanilla, cherry almond and something spicy- a bit like cinnamon.

We serve it on pate sable cookie, using handmade purple mirror glaze to give a hint of the blueberry taste.

On top of the cake, we use handmade quality chocolate stripe with a fresh blueberry.

Our mousse cake is part of the small pastry section.


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Blueberry puree (90%), milk chocolate 35% (milk, soya), double cream (35%), mascarpone cheese, whole milk, cream cheese, glucose, wheat flour, butter, white sugar, egg, gelatin, cocoa, natural vanilla paste, thickening agent: pectin.

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