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Five different layers of tastes are hidden in this small mini cheesecake.

The sparkling red color comes from a handmade natural glaze made from a raspberry puree. The main and the thickest layer consists of a mixture, fresh cream cheese. The extra sweet yet sour taste is given from a mixed berry jam. The sponge is enriched with real berries.

Our cheesecake lays on a crunchy crumble where freshly grated orange zest gives an extra flavor and almond flakes provide the crunchiness.

We use here a simple and modest decoration- a handmade chocolate feather.

Our cheesecakes are part of the small pastry section.


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Raspberry puree (90%), apricot puree (90%), white chocolate 35% (milk, soya), orange zest, double cream (35%), cream cheese, frozen berries, glucose, wheat flour, almond flour, butter, white sugar, cane sugar, egg, gelatin.

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