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This colorful red tasty cake has a crispy collar with a touch of freshly grated orange zest.

Berry Paradise cake is truly Namelaka inside – word Namelaka comes from Japan meaning “ultra creamy” so you will find inside soft, mild Italian cream cheese mascarpone vanilla cream mixed with white chocolate.

The “heart” of the cake is made from homemade berry confit.

Chocolate curls, edible gold leaf, fresh berries, and mirror glaze balls give the look of Berry Paradise.


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Mixed berry puree 90%, white chocolate 35% (milk, soya), whole milk, double cream (35%), mascarpone cheese, condensed milk, glucose, invert sugar, wheat flour, almond meal, butter, fresh citruses, white sugar, egg, corn starch, gelatin, cacao butter, natural vanilla paste, thickening agent: pectin.

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